AutoBill for Every Business – Online Invoicing and Payment


AutoBill’s heritage came out of the recurring/subscription needs of WebAlive, and as we talked about in the last post there is an every increasing need across all sort’s of industries to bill their customers on the recurring basis.

However another key aspect of AutoBill is engaging with Customers Online, one which any business can take advantage of!

AutoBill supports the ability to create any sort of Invoice, even a non-recurring one that works just like entering and Invoice (with related products and services) in your Accounting Solution. What sets AutoBill apart from your Accounting software is a range of features that truly enable you to engage with your customers in the cloud!

Feature Description
Electronic   Invoicing Invoice is sent, clicked, paid, and deposited—and it’s all recorded for easy lookup and reporting.
Customer   Notifications Receipts, overdue notices, and failed payment   notifications send automatically. Effortless!
Get paid with the ease of an online form Customers can click to pay by credit card or eft

We securely host the form with your  branding and messaging

Customers receive a receipt in automatically

PCI Compliant (full encryption of   Card Numbers)

Real-time dashboards reflect cash flow Track your sent, unpaid, overdue and   paid invoices with ease.

All invoices are attached to  your customers’   records for easy look-up

Resend invoices with a few clicks of   a mouse

Customer   Portals that save you time and money Full self service for the Customer via their very  own Portal

They can easily/quickly see the current and   historical Invoices, all their interactions and make a payment with a single  click.

Recognition of the power of these features is being reflected in a range of AutoBill users who don’t have recurring/subscription billing needs!

So even if you don’t do Recurring Billing, AutoBill is still for you!

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