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What is AutoBill

AutoBill – The Way Billing Should Be!

AutoBill delivers extended functionality enabling any business, organisation or association to engage in online customer interaction much more efficiently. With a rich feature set including self-service customer portal, electronic invoicing and one-click pay now features, AutoBill makes it quick and easy for customers to pay – ensuring regular cash flow that is the lifeblood of any business.

In addition, with the demand for complex recurring billing and automatic payment processes greater than ever before, AutoBill delivers powerful features to do all the heavy lifting for you.

With AutoBill, spend more time selling and less time processing invoices and payments.

What is Autobill

How it Began

This story started as an employee and eventual owner of WebAlive, a website services company that had products that were typically provided on a subscription basis, meaning customers paid a certain amount on a recurring basis (mostly monthly) for the use of a range of web related services and solutions. That ranged from Domain Names, Web Content and E-Commerce solutions and Websites in general.

The process to support the billing (invoice and receipt of payment) was a huge challenge!

Yes, there were products out there that automated that recurring payment, but they often caused more problems than they were worth:

 How it Began
  • Poor functions to support the management of customers and their related recurring products
  • Poor functions to provide visibility of the billing cycle, resulting in a black hole of billing
  • Limited options in the type of payments options, especially in support of key regional Direct Debit needs.
  • Poor self-service options for the customer, meaning customer queries required a human touch point, rather than the Customer being able to Self-Serve
  • Limited integration options to integrate into key Accounting, CRM and Ticket Management system (especially local Australian Accounting products like MYOB and Xero)
  • Poor support for all types of Billing, requiring separate systems to support one-off Billing (vs. Recurring), creating fragmented Customer Management, Invoice and Reporting

So, with limited options in the market, WebAlive set off to build the ultimate Billing system, working to fix all the problems above and thus AutoBill was born!

About WebAlive

AutoBill is a product of WebAlive

WebAlive is one of Australia’s online solution success stories, providing leading edge web applications for over a decade.

WebAlive’s mission is to help small business owners achieve online success. At the heart of this is our promise – online success made simple. We achieve this by delivering high quality services with a minimum of hype. Attracted by the combination of easy to use products, availability and value for money, it’s the company small businesses are turning to for their online needs

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